About me

I don’t remember ever having a camera as a child. I loved to draw and paint and received my degree in Studio Art. Before college, I got a job as photography assistant at the “Walmart Portrait Studio.” The woman that hired me said that she would teach me to take fantastic portraits. I was very excited until the studio decided to run the “The Purple Dinosaur Promotion a.k.a Barney.” The woman that hired me quit a week later and I was quickly demoted to wearing the Barney costume. Somewhere hanging in somebody’s living room is a treasured picture of me as a giant purple dinosaur with their son or daughter sitting on my lap either beaming with joy or looking somewhat confused and possibly terrified. I found a job at a restaurant and tried to just block the whole thing out. I went on to become an art director at a fine art publishing company never thinking that I would fall in love with photography in my thirties. At first just a hobby, I decided to make photography my second career. Leaving the trauma of “The Barney Experience” behind I am using the skills and experience as an artist and art director to create extraordinary imagery for a variety of clients and commercial applications.

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